Benefit of Pursuing Aircraft Maintenance Engineering (AME) with B.Sc in Aviation Degree

Posted on : 31 May, 2022 1:24 pm

Aircraft Maintenance Engineering

As we all know that Aircraft Maintenance Engineering (AME) is a licensed program of 4 years. 

The academic programme is divided into four semesters covering approx. 2400 hours of theoretical and practical training in 2 years duration in AME Course. Out of 2400 hours of training, 1440 hours will be devoted in classroom teaching and 960 hours will be devoted for Practical training. After that a 2 year practical live training is held in MRO (Maintenance, Repair and Overhaul) organization.

After completing Aircraft Maintenance Engineering (AME) Course of 2 year in which a student gets a certificate from college which means a student completes their academic program in AME Institute as per CAR 66 guideline. After that only a candidate is eligible for their practical live training in MRO. 

Job Profiles in Aircraft Maintenance Engineering

  • Line Maintenance
  • Base Maintenance
  • Engine Maintenance
  • Landing Gear Maintenance
  • Quality officers , etc.

In the practical Live training on MRO, candidates work as a Aircraft Maintenance Technician and after 2 years a candidate is eligible for license of Aircraft Maintenance Engineer. 

B.Sc in Aviation

B.Sc in Aviation course duration  is of 3 years and it is a bachelor’s degree program in Aviation. This course is related to aircraft maintenance, air traffic control, design and operation of aircraft, airport and airline management, Line Technician, Diver Dispatch/Load Planner, and flight attendants. 

Job Profiles in B.Sc Aviation

  • Flight Attendant
  • Air Traffic Controller
  • Aircraft maintenance Professional
  • Airport Security
  • Airport Manager
  • Flight Instructor
  • System Management, etc.

Process to take Admission

Not all colleges/ Universities provide both courses simultaneously but some of them provide AME+ B.Sc Aviation. 

AME CET is the solution to take both courses simultaneously because it is a national level entrance exam and here there are lots of institutes available who provide both courses at the same time.

Firstly candidates fill the registration form of AME CET 2022 and clear the entrance exam and after that through counseling, candidates choose courses and colleges according to their interest. 

AME CET provides upto 100% scholarship to all the entrance exam clearing candidates. 



Aircraft Maintenance Engineering (AME) with B.Sc Aviation is a course in aviation which provides both certificate and degree. Through B.Sc Aviation degree candidates are eligible for pursuing other master’s courses and are also able to join the government sector.  

Through Aircraft maintenance Engineering License candidates join aviation industry and they are also known as Aircraft Maintenance Engineer.