DGCA Approved Aircraft Maintenance Engineering

Posted on : 28 April, 2022 11:21 pm

Aircraft Maintenance Engineering is a licensed based program in aviation. Aircraft Maintenance Engineering Course is approved through DGCA(Directorate General of Civil Aviation), Ministry of Civil Aviation, Govt. of India. AME are the ones who deal with the safety of an aircraft and its passengers. An AME is eligible to secure an aircraft from technical issues and also able to maintain it when the aircraft is facing any issue.

AME’s are the whole and soul of an aircraft. A professional AME is eligible to issue the Flight Releasing Certificate(FRC).

One question arises in everyone’s mind: what is a Flight Releasing Certificate?

Before every takeoff of an aircraft there is a need for regular check up which is done by an AME Technician. In the check up, the maintenance team finds the issue and resolves the problem. Once the process ends a professional Aircraft Maintenance Engineer issue a certificate i.e. Flight Releasing Certificate. Without an approval of an AME no flight is takeoff. AME is the one who is responsible for the safety and security of an aircraft and its passengers.

Aircraft Maintenance Engineering Course

Aircraft Maintenance Engineering(AME) is a two year academic program. In the two year student gets the knowledge about the aircraft and its numerous part’s. In the academic session candidates attend theoretical classes as well as practical classes. Theoretical classes are conducted in classrooms while practical classes are held in workshops. There are 17 moules which are conducted by DGCA.

After the academic program finishes then after that there is 2 year of live training that is held on any airlines, MRO industry, flying schools, etc. During training time candidates get a stipend.  After that a candidate joins an airline and starts their job as an AME technician. If a candidate clears their modules and the experience which are needed then one should apply for AME License. 

If one gets an AME license then he/ she is known as a professional AME and at that time they are eligible to issue the FRC.

Entrance Exam Of Aircraft Maintenance Engineering

Aircraft Maintenance Engineering Common Entrance Test (AME CET) is the national level common entrance test for pursuing Aircraft Maintenance Engineering Course in the top most  AME institute which is approved through DGCA.

AME CET 2022 Exam is the way to pursue the AME Course in India. AME CET also provides upto 100%scholarship to the capable candidates.