Facts about Aircraft Maintenance Engineering in Rural Areas

Posted on : 28 April, 2022 11:44 pm

In rural areas, most people aren’t aware about Aircraft Maintenance Engineering. Somehow they know that there is a course like Aircraft Maintenance Engineering then after that one more big issue faced by the rural areas people is how to get admission in Aircraft Maintenance Engineering. 

Actually in rural areas there is less awareness about Aircraft Maintenance Engineering(AME) because there are fewer number of airlines in rural areas and the reach of normal people is limited so they don’t know about the airline related job. Rest of the people who aware about the courses in aviation and job description they don’t have proper knowledge about which course is better and the duration of courses, eligibility criteria, etc

AME CET is the best solution to all the problems of rural areas candidates. AME CET stands for Aircraft Maintenance Engineering Common Entrance Test and it is a national level entrance test for pursuing aviation courses in India. AME CET 2022 offers aviation courses like Aircraft Maintenance Engineering, Aeronautical Engineering, Aerospace Engineering, etc. If a candidate wants any knowledge about the course then he/ she directly goes through the AME CET. AME CET provides admission in top most AME institutes in India. 

AME CET provides equal opportunity to all the candidates who want to join aviation sector and they have the ability to do something.

Career Opportunities after pursuing AME Course

After pursuing Aircraft Maintenance Engineering Course one should join the government sector as well as private sector.

There are some fields mentioned below where an AME can do job:

  • Airlines:- Airlines are companies that provide air transport for the passenger’s to travel. Before an aircraft flies, a Licensed Aircraft Maintenance Engineer has to analyze and solve the problems of aircrafts. 
  • Maintenance, Repair and Overhauls (MRO) industries:- MRO companies are those companies which specialize in performing maintenance actions on aircraft and their components such as jet engines, landing gears, etc. To maintain the actions licensed Aircraft Maintenance Engineers are required.
  • Flying Clubs:- A flying club is an organization that provides its members with affordable access to aircraft. That aircraft needs to be maintained by licensed Aircraft Maintenance Engineers.
  • Civil Defense Forces:– There are many aircrafts which are used for various purposes to protect the country. Defense is also maintained by licensed Aircraft Maintenance Engineers.