980 flights in 24 hours Mumbai airport breaks own record

980 Flights in 24 Hours: Mumbai Airport Broken it’ Own Record 3rd Time in 48 Days

Posted on : 5 February, 2018 4:23 am

Mumbai Airport, the busiest single-runway airplane terminal in the world, broke its own record when it handled with 980 landings and arrivals in 24 hours on January 20. “Before this, on December 6, the airplane terminal had landed 974 flights,” said a Mumbai International Airport Pvt Ltd representative. In spite of the fact that India’s second biggest air terminal has the record breaking numbers, Gatwick air terminal, UK’s second biggest airplane terminal, is as yet the most proficient single-runway Airport in the world.

According UK’s Airport Coordination Ltd, Gatwick a single runway can be handling capacity of 870 flight movement per day of summer 2018 but Mumbai Airport the highest growing which works 24 hours a day, Gatwick handles most of its flights in the 19 hours between 5am and midnight because of night time restrictions in force since 1971.

Gatwick single-runway’s pinnacle taking care of limit is 55 air activity movements (arrivals or departures) 60 minutes, while Mumbai has touched 52 movements 60 minutes. Notwithstanding, not at all like Mumbai, which once in a while handles 52 movements 60 minutes, Gatwick runway every now and again handles 55 movemets/hour day by day amid the pinnacle hours between 6 am and 7.50 am; 10 am and 1.50 pm and 3pm and 7.50 pm. Mumbai, then again, handles a normal of around 48 developments in crest hours.

 Mumbai Airports breaks its own record 3rd time in last 48 days, on Nov 24, Mumbai Airport movement of arrival and departure is 969 and after that on Dec 6 it was 974 and now it is 980 on Jan 20. This is the incredible growth of traffic.

These all sector shows increate growth of aviation sector in India, breaking its own record in 3 times in 48 days it a big deal. To handle such type of movement Indian aviation industry requires thousand of technical and trained professionals per year. Aircraft Maintenance Engineer is responsible for safety, security  and maintenance of an aircraft. In industry there is huge demand of AME ‘s in India and Abroad.