Aerospace Engineering Starting Salary

Posted on : 26 December, 2019 2:14 pm

Aerospace Engineering starting salary is good as compared to the other engineering courses. Aerospace Engineer is doing great work for the nation as the way they are working for the Indian Space Research Organization (ISRO), Defence Research and Development Organization (DRDO), Airlines, etc. Aerospace Engineering starting salary based on the companies that it is private or government. Aerospace Engineer earns well as they are working in aviation sector which is well-known for the great salary packages. Aerospace Engineering starting salary is more than expected by the candidates.

The Aerospace Engineering starting salary based on the job hours and organization they are working. Aerospace Engineer may travel to company sites outside the country. The Aerospace Engineering starting salary and average Aerospace Engineer salary is based on the companies or job hour.

Average Aerospace Engineer Salary

Aerospace Engineer deals with the design development, production, and testing of aircraft and spacecraft. Aerospace Engineer also develop new technology for use in aviation, Defence system, ISRO, DRDO, etc. The way aviation sector is growing in research and other aviation segment, the average Aerospace Engineer salary can be high. The average Aerospace Engineer salary according to pay scale is around INR 815,948 per month.

The average Aerospace Engineer salary based on the skillset of the candidate. The skillset allows to groom the career of an Aerospace Engineer.

Work Overview

Aerospace Engineering course approved by the All India Council for Technical Education (AICTE). The common Aerospace Engineering job sectors consists of 4 mains- research, design, maintenance, and manufacturing. Aerospace professional by training students on a wide variety of technical concepts they are involving in design analysis aircraft, rockets, space launch vehicles, UAV’s, missile, etc.

The course curriculum covers aspects of two branches of Engineering aeronautical and aerospace.

Work of Aerospace engineer

  • Direct and coordinate the design, testing, and manufacturing aircraft or spacecraft.
  • Aerospace Engineer assess proposals for a project to determine if the proposed project will result in safe operation that meet the defined goals
  • They evaluate design to see the product meet engineering principles, environment regulation, and customer requirements.
  • Aerospace Engineer has to ensure the project meets the quality standard.
  • Aerospace Engineers may develop new technologies for Aviation use, defense system, and spacecraft.

Aerospace Engineering Starting Salary Internationally

The United States Aerospace Engineering starting salary same as the highest starting salaries in the world it falls behind countries like Norway, Switzerland, and Iceland according to a news report. Aerospace Engineering is an excellent career for today’s youth it is a high profile job, Aerospace Engineering Starting salary is excellent.

Salary of Aerospace Engineer

  • Aerospace Engineering and operation technician:– they are usually work in industrial plants, manufacturing and laboratories the salary of Aerospace Engineer and operation Technician is tentatively $67,010.
  • Architectural and engineering managers:– plan and direct and coordinate activities in architectural and engineering companies the salary of Architectural and engineering managers is tentatively $140,760.
  • Computer hardware engineers:– they are research, develop, design and test computer system and components the salary of Computer hardware engineers is tentatively $114,600.
  • Electrical and electronic Engineer technician:– they help engineers to design and develop electronic and electrical equipment the salary of Electrical and electronic engineer is tentatively $64,330.
  • Electrical and Electronics Engineer:– they are design, test, develop and supervise the manufacture of electrical equipment the salary of an electrical and electronic engineer is tentatively $96,640.
  • Industrial Engineer:– their work are devised an efficient system that integrates worker, information, energy, machines, and materials to make a product or provide service the salary of industrial engineer is tentatively $87,040.
  • Material engineers:– they are developed, process and test martial used to create a wide range of product the salary of Material engineer is tentatively $92,390.
  • Mechanical Engineer:– they are involved to design, build, develop, thermal sensor, mechanical and device the salary of a mechanical engineer is tentatively $87,370.

Reading reference;-

The aerospace engineering starting salary package offered in NASA tentatively $92,390. Aerospace Engineer salaries at National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) can range from $58,125 – $135,713.  Every year NASA Hire Aerospace engineer after getting a job in NASA the life of a student totally change Aerospace engineering is an excellent career.

Average Aerospace Engineer salary in India

India is developing very rapidly in the aviation sector The average aerospace engineer salary in India is given below:-

  • The average Aerospace Engineer Salary in India is excellent according to pay scale the Average Aerospace Engineer salary in India is around INR 815,948. Reading reference
  • The average aerospace engineer salary package offered in the Indian Space Research Organization (ISRO) is tentatively 4 to 6 Lakhs. The average Aerospace engineer salary may increase with experience and skills.

There are lots of opportunities like Airline, Maintenance, Repair and Overhaul Organizations (MRO), Defense Research and Development Organizations (DRDO), etc. The average Aerospace Engineer salary beat any of the other profession salary package because of the career in Aerospace Engineering is excellent.