Aircraft Engineering Career Path in Booming Aviation Sector in India

Posted on : 6 January, 2020 1:18 pm

Today Aircraft Engineering is one the best-growing career for 10+2 PCM qualified students. India is growing in the aviation sector very rapidly which leads to career opportunities in various fields of Aircraft Engineering such as Airlines, Research organizations, MRO Organizations, etc. There are three courses in Aircraft Engineering namely:-

Aircraft Maintenance Engineering (AME) – AME related to the maintenance, repair, and  of an aircraft without AME permission no flight can take off, it is an internationally based license program with a four-year course duration.

Aeronautical Engineering – Aeronautical Engineering is a four-year degree program related to the construction, designing, development and designing of aircraft and its components.

Aerospace Engineering – Aerospace Engineering is a four-year degree program related to the construction, designing, development and design of those vehicles that are flying within and beyond the earth’s atmosphere.

Aircraft Engineering Career Path

AME Career Path 

The AME profiles will depend upon license students acquire at the time their academic sessions which are as follows:

Jet Engine Aeroplane AME: The AME who certify the aeroplane’s jet engine, airframe, and various components. 

Piston Engine Aeroplane AME: This profile allows to certify the aeroplane’s piston engine, fuselage, etc.

Jet Engine Helicopter AME: This profile will certify the helicopter’s jet engine, airframe, wings, etc.

Piston Engine Helicopter AME: This licensed AME allows the certification to the helicopter’s piston engine, airframe, wings, etc.

Aeronautical Engineering Career Path

Aeronautical Engineer: – Aeronautical Engineer job profile is related to the design and development of aircraft.

Design Engineer: – These engineer working on the design of aircraft within Earth’s atmosphere such as airplanes, helicopters, etc.

Software Engineer: – Aircraft comprises of various software devices. The software engineer deals with the software devices of an aircraft.

Data Analyst:- Data Analyst bring technical has to ensure the quality and accuracy of that data, then process, design and present it in ways to help businesses, people, and organizations make better decisions.

Planning Analyst:- Planning Analyst work profile allows finding ways to cut costs, maximize sales, and increase profits.

Aerospace Engineering Career Path

Aircraft Engineers: – Aircraft Engineers are involved in the application of scientific and technological principles to the development, research, and design of aircraft, space shuttle, missiles, etc.

Thermal Design Engineer: – The role of the thermal design systems and processes to turn generated energy from various thermal sources into mechanical, chemical, and electrical energy.

Aircraft Production Manager: – Aircraft Production Manager job role is related to the production in terms of quality, market, pricing, analysis and check the product is meeting the goal that is assigned.

Aircraft Structural Engineer: – Aircraft Structural Engineer is those who build the structure of an aircraft.

CAD Technician: – This job profile uses CAD (Computer-Aided Design) software to create technical drawings and plans for products and parts used in the construction, engineering, and manufacturing industries.

Aerospace Design Checker: – The role is to check whether the design of aircraft, rocket systems, space-shuttles, etc.

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