Aircraft Maintenance Engineering (AME) Career in India

Aircraft Maintenance Engineering (AME) Career in India

Posted on : 21 November, 2017 9:23 am

An aircraft is a combining of high technologies and machineries. We can found every latest technology in an aircraft. For smooth and safe travel of the aircrafts there is a highly educated and trained person who is the responsible for safety, security and maintenance of an aircraft that called Aircraft Maintenance Engineer (AME), who is the backbone of aviation industry. Only AME is authorized to issue FRC (Flight Releasing Certificate), which is mediatory to take of a flight. Now we can see that an AMECET has an important and responsible role in aviation industry.

“India topped the domestic growth chart again, while domestic US and Australia RPKs both fell in annual terms,”

The International Air Transport Association (IATA)

India is the fastest growing the third largest aviation market in the world. Indian domestic air traffic has 29% growth which is heist in the world.  We have 100 million domestic air passengers which is only less than US and China and growing rapidly. To handle this tremendous growth Indian Aviaiton industry requires lots of new aircrafts, new airports and to handle and safe journey these aircrafts they required AMEs.


At present time India airlines using 400 commercial aircraft and ordered 1080 aircrafts, which is going to deliver in next year’s. As per Boeing statement India requires 1850 new aircrafts in next 20 years. To use these aircrafts India requires new airports. In these terms Indian Govt already okays Rs 4,500 cr project to revive 50 airports and plans 50 new airports in three years to boost connectivity.


“India could become largest aviation market by 2030”

FICCI and consultants KPMG


These all factor say that there is a hues demand of educated and skilled AMEs in Indian Aviation industry. CAPA already addressing the Skills Shortage in Indian Aviation.

There is a hues demand of Indian AMEs in Gulf countries because AME is an international course regulated by DGCA, Govt. of India. India has limited institutions for provide good technical training to the AMES. So there is a gap between demand and supply of Aircraft Maintenance Engineers. We required more AME compare to the availability.

As per Govt report Indian Aviaiton industry requires 3.3 Lakhs new technical man power in next year’s. So this is the perfect time to make AME as career

Why choose this career:

  • Indian Aviaiton industry growing approx 29% growth.
  • India has ordered 1080 aircraft, these aircrafts requires hues number AMEs.
  • Demand of AME is more than supply.
  • AMEs salary packages are very high.
  • In Gulf there is hues demand of Indian AMEs.
  • India wants to be MRO hub; this will increase dynamically demand of AMEs.
  • Due to International course AME can do job in any county in world government and private job.