Aircraft Maintenance Engineering Jobs in India

Posted on : 6 December, 2017 5:56 am

Indian is the fastest growing Aviaiton market in the world. At present time Indian domestic air traffic growth is average  25% which is higher than any country in the world. After beating Japan India is 3rd largest aviation market in the world after US and China. According to the Govt estimation India will be the largest aviation market by 2030.

At present time India has approx 400 commercial aircraft in the use and has placed order of 1080 aircrafts which is going to deliver next years. Every aircraft requires regular maintenance for its safe journey and only an AME are authorized to take care of an aircraft. So there are thousands of new jobs for Aircraft Maintenance Engineering in India.

As per Govt estimations there is shortage of technical skilled personals to maintain these aircrafts and there are 3.3 Lakhs new aviation jobs in India. The incredible growth of Indian Aviation Industry crating thousand of new jobs forms Aircraft Maintenance Engineers in India. Due to the responsible job AME’s salary package is very high. Staring package of an AME is 6-10 Lakhs per annum. There is also huge number of jobs for Indian AME is Gulf countries. The salary package of an AME in gulf countries is very high it starts form 3 Lakhs per moths.

This incredible growth shows golden career for AME in aviation industry. To handle this growth there is huge demand of well trained and technical sound Aircraft Maintenance Engineers. Aircraft Maintenance Engineer are specially trained to carryout complex maintenance process including periodical maintenance program as per the Aircraft manufactures requirements and issue Flight Release Certificate (FRC) before every flight takeoff. AME is responsible for safety, security and maintenance of a flying machine like Aircraft, Helicopters.


Indian Government already said Ok Rs. 4,500 Crore Project to revive 50 Airports, Airstrips. And also Govt plans 50 new airports in three years to boost connectivity. As well as India is going to be MRO hub. The MRO belongs to Maintenance Repair and overall, every parts of an aircraft are going to repair in MRO industries. These MRO industries will increase the jobs of AMEs in India.

In India there is limited Govt approved AME institutions in India so the AME seats are very limited. So there is a tough competition to get admission in Top AME institutions in India. AME CET is national level common entrance test to get admission in top Govt approved AME institutions in India.

Candidate can visit to apply for AME CET 2022 online mode.

Now in this way we can see that Aircraft Maintenance Engineering has a golden career in India and there is huge number of jobs for AME in India.