Aircraft Maintenance Engineering Courses Approved Under DGCA & EASA

AME Courses Approved under DGCA and EASA

Posted on : 15 February, 2021 3:14 pm

Let’s first summarise what Aircraft Maintenance Engineering is.

Just as the Pilots and Air Traffic Controllers need to be licensed in order to operate safely, so too do Aviation Engineers or Technicians. The term Engineer and technician mean the same thing in the Aviation Sector.

The Technicians and Engineers who service the Aircraft carry out crucial tasks must be of the highest standards. Therefore, they need to be trained by the approved training organizations and licensed by the national aviation authority in the country in which they operate. 


What Is DGCA Aircraft Maintenance Engineering?

Directory General Council Of Aviation (DGCA) is a Government Authorised Organisation that conducts exams for Pilot training and gives them the license of the aircraft. It is India’s national aviation regular body and the Ministry of Civil Aviation that works on the betterment of the aviation sector in India.

DGCA has various departments to carry out many aviation-related activities in India. DGCA issued an AME license for all maintenance personnel under the government of India. 


AME Course With DGCA 

Aircraft Maintenance Engineering is approved by DGCA. This is a 4-year licensed course with the eligibility criteria of 12th with Physics, Chemistry, and Mathematics (PCM) with 45% marks. This course includes 2 years of academic knowledge and 2 years of practical knowledge.  


What  Is EASA Aircraft Maintenance Engineering?

The European Union Aviation Safety Agency (EASA) is an agency of the European Union with the responsibility for Civil Aviation Safety. It carries out certification, regulation, and standardization and also performs investigation and monitoring. It is a European body and works on the betterment of the aviation sector.


AME Course With EASA

Aircraft Maintenance Engineering is approved by EASA. This is a 4-year licensed course. The candidates must have qualified for his/ her 10th examination with a minimum of 45% marks. This course includes 2-year academic knowledge and 2-year practical knowledge.  


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For admission to one of the top AME colleges in India, here is the procedure that students can follow:

  • The candidates can first fulfill the eligibility criteria for the AME course.
  • Students should qualify for the AME CET 2022 exam to get admission to one of the top aviation colleges with scholarships.