Aircraft Maintenance Engineering Freshers Job Opportunities and Salaries

AME: Starting jobs and salary

Posted on : 15 February, 2021 12:55 pm

Aircraft Maintenance Engineering Freshers Job Opportunities and Salaries


Aircraft Maintenance Engineering (AME) is a 4-year license course. During this course, the candidates will be able to get academic knowledge and 2-year practical knowledge. The applicants, who want to become an Aircraft Maintenance Engineer must pursue a specific course. The candidates, who want to study the course from one of the most reputed institutes should attempt the AME CET. The course of AME involves 2 types of programs:

  • A Program: This is a 2-year course in which 1 year is for academic knowledge and another 1 year is for practical knowledge.
  • B Program: This is a 4-year course in which 2 years are for academic knowledge and another 2 years are for practical knowledge.


Aircraft Maintenance Engineer Job Opportunities

  • After pursuing the course of Aircraft Maintenance Engineering will be able to bag great jobs along with handsome salary packages. Furthermore, one can find the job opportunities below:-
  • Trainee/ Associate Technician
  • Junior Technician
  • Technician/ Transit AME


Aircraft Maintenance Engineer Job Descriptions on the basis of the opportunities mentioned below:

  • Trainee/Associate Technician:

    This post is for the fresher candidates. Associate or training technician is a technician who is associated with the tasks performed by his seniors. In this phase, the candidates are not alone in the aircraft. One has to undergo an assessment every 3 months. This phase ends 6 to 12 months depending upon the company.

  • Junior Technician:

    Some organisations are directly employed on the Junior Technician post like GO AIR but some organisations follow the trainee/association method. The tenure of this post is 1 to 1.5 year depending upon the organisations. Being a Junior Technician, the applicants will have to perform the same tasks such as all the maintenance tasks up to the 3000 hours of the schedule of the aircraft. Additionally, one has to work on any sorts of component removal and installation on the line and base.

  • Technician/Transit AME:

    After clearing all the modules, one can become a transit AME. Transit AME is an Aircraft Maintenance Engineer who is responsible for the transit movement of an aircraft and signs for it, except for any maintenance task. He/ she has only authority for walk-around inspections, invoking MEl (without maintenance task), refuelling and Preflight certifications.

  • CAT-A AME:

    In order to get this post, the candidates will have to get at least 3-year of practical aircraft maintenance experience on operating aircraft. It is the point where one can start getting bigger certification privileges than transit AME. After the completion of the course, one will be responsible for every action performed on aircraft while on LINE. In this post, one’s signature will be really important for any document.

  • CAT-B AME:

    To get this job, the applicants must have to get up to 5-year experience in operating any aircraft. This is a full scope engineering post. In this post, one will be responsible for major defect rectification, task analysing, certifications privileges for major maintenance, troubleshooting and many more.

  • CAT-C AME:

    This post includes CAT-A AME 3 year experience and as well as CAT-B AME 5 year experience in operating aircraft. In this post, one shall be responsible for checking the heavy airframe maintenance, checking major HANGAR maintenance and many more.


Starting Salaries

All the salaries written below are different according to the knowledge and as well as organisations. 

The starting salary for the above job opportunities are:-

  • Trainee/Associate Technician: Starting salary for this fresher post is 8,000 to 12,000 per month approximately. It also depends on the different types of organisation.
  • Junior Technician: Starting salary for this post is 23,000 to 27,000 per month approximately.
  • Technician/Transit AME: Starting salary for this post is INR 70,000 per month approximately.
  • CAT-A AME: Starting salary for this post will be about  INR 1 lakh per month.
  • CAT-B AME: Starting salary for this post will be about INR 1 lakh 60 thousand per month.
  • CAT-C AME: Starting salary for this post will be a little bit higher than CAT-B that is 1 lakh 80 thousand per month.