Aviation Industry Career Options for Graduates/ Top career opportunity in aviation

All You Need to Know about the Career Options for the graduates

Posted on : 30 January, 2021 3:59 pm

Various aviation courses provide the candidate with a secure and good job in the aviation sector after graduation. However, by picking the right aviation course after graduation, one can bag a job along with a high salary package. Furthermore, let’s take a look at some of the aviation courses after graduation and their eligibility, duration, application, etc.

  • Aircraft Pilot

    There are 2 popular licensed categories in the pilot after pursuing 10th, 12th with PCM, or Graduation, known as private pilot license and commercial pilot license. The Private Pilot license allows a student to fly the aircraft as a hobby or fly their own aircraft. Commercial Pilot License (CPL) is also a pilot course, but after this course, the candidate will only be entitled to fly commercial aircraft.

  • Aircraft Maintenance Engineering

    Whenever we discuss an excellent career in the field of Aviation, AME is always the first name that comes in our mind. Furthermore, it is a high demand and vast scope career related to the maintenance, repair, and troubleshooting the issue occurs in an aircraft on the ground. The candidates can also pursue graduation, diploma, and B.Sc. level study in AME.

  • Aeronautical Engineering

    It is the best career for the candidates who are interested in researching, designing, constructing, testing, and manufacturing aircraft within Earth’s atmosphere. The career of Aeronautical Engineering provides the candidate with well-paid jobs in the top Government and Private organizations worldwide. There is also an option of graduation, diploma, and B.Sc. level study in Aeronautical Engineering course.

  • Aerospace Engineering

    If the candidate is interested in making a career in designing, constructing, testing and manufacturing aircraft and space air vehicles, then he/ she should choose the course of Aerospace engineering. This career has a vast scope in ISRO, NASA, DRDO, HAL, NAL, and other aviation organizations. There is also an option to pursue graduation, diploma, and B.Sc. level study in Aerospace Engineering course.

  • BBA in Aviation

    BBA in Aviation is the best way to grow a career in business communication, operations, economics, security, etc. BBA in Aviation covers all the important aspects like airports, business, and airlines.

  • B.Sc. in Aviation

    The candidates, who are interested to make a career in aircraft maintenance, air traffic control, design and operation of aircraft, airport and airline management, Line Technician, Diver Dispatch/Load Planner, and flight attendants fields can pursue B.Sc. in Aviation course after 12th PCM or graduation.

  • BBA in Airport Management

    BBA in Airport Management is an undergraduate program after the 12th with any stream or graduation. BBA in Airport Management is a high scope career that deals with the easy and proper operation of movement on the airport in the world including maintaining security and offering the best customer service.

  • Certification in Airport Management

    Airport Management (Certification) short term courses are always a good choice in the aviation industry. Furthermore, if the candidates are interested in becoming an airport manager, then they should pursue Airport Management (Certification) program after 12th with any stream or graduation.

  • Cabin Crew

    To become an air hostess (female) and fight steward (male), the candidates can join the course of Cabin Crew after pursuing 12th with any stream or graduation. Cabin Crew is an excellent career primarily known to provide the comfort of the passengers and welfare, safety to passengers on board.

  • Airport Ground Staff

    It is the best way to work with the top airlines in India and abroad as well. The course of Airport Ground Staff can be pursued after 12th with any stream or after graduation. Primarily this career focuses to deliver the best customer service before, after, and between the flights.

Why Choose Aviation Courses after Graduation?

Various countries offer the cheapest air travel resulting in the daily traffic on airports increasing rapidly and increasing demand for new aircraft and airports. India is the 3rd largest aviation worldwide in terms of domestic traffic.

Following news show vast scope in Aviation Industry such as:-

  • Indigo announced the ‘Big Fat Sale’ domestic flight fare will be starting from INR 877.
  • The UDAN scheme is giving the boot to an aviation career.
  • The growth rate of air passengers is around 25% which leads to the requirement for new aircraft.
  • Foreign MRO companies to set-up their business in India.
  • India starts manufacturing Civil Aircrafts.
  • According to the news articles, salaries in the aviation industry is generally higher than in other industries for an engineer.