Be A Part Of Booming Job Opportunities In Indian Aviation Industry

Be a part of booming job opportunities in Indian Aviation industry

Posted on : 30 January, 2021 6:22 pm

The Indian Aviation industry has emerged as the fastest growing industry in the world. Within the last three years, India has become the third-largest aviation job market in modern India. However, in the Aviation industry, there are a number of job opportunities that are based on the eligibility of the candidates.

Many of the Aviation industries provide the candidate with great and fascinating benefits with the paying scale (salary)  of the candidate. Some of them have been provided below:-

  • Comprehensive medical
  • Vacation pay
  • Retirement plan
  • Lifetime free airfare for employee
  • Lifetime special discount on airfare for employee’s family member
  • Insurance plan

Whenever we think about jobs in the aviation industry, our mind immediately pops the idea of becoming a pilot. But, in the aviation industry, there are not only pilot jobs but many other opportunities too. The list of job opportunities in the Indian aviation industry is given below:-

  • Flight Attendant

    Flight Attendant provides routine services and also makes sure that the passengers are safe or not. Their main responsibility is to take care of airline passengers.

  • Avionics Technician

    An avionics technician is a person who repairs and maintains the airplane’s electronic instruments. He\she deals with the communication equipment, radar system, navigation aids, and many more.

  • Flight Dispatcher

    Flight Dispatcher is known by many other names like flight operation officer, flight follower, airline dispatcher. He ensures the safety of the aircraft. His main responsibilities include assisting the flight planning path, accounting for the many aircraft performances like loading, en route winds, thunderstorms,s and much more. 

  • Ramp Planner

    Ramp planner accounts for the arrival and departure of every aircraft at that airport. The Airport ramp agents are also known by many other names like baggage handlers, baggage clerks, or fleet service agents load and unload luggage and cargo from aircraft.

  • Flight Instructor

    A flight instructor is a person who assists the students in every aspect of flying an aircraft. He\she is a teacher or coach who trained their students very well for flying an aircraft.

  • Aviation Meteorologist

    The Aviation meteorologist provides all the weather-related information to the pilot and flight dispatchers. They must resolve the current and forecasted weather conditions and also include the direction and speed of the wind, cloud cover, and precipitation.

  • Aviation Attorney

    An aviation attorney is an airline lawyer who deals with the commercial and general cases for every aviation industry like private, government, and other companies. Some aviation attorneys work for the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA), while others may be on staff or on retaining by large corporations that own the aircraft or deal with airlines.

  • Regional Sales Manager

    The responsibilities of a District or regional sales include setting all of a region’s reservations and tickets in that district. He/ she promotes his/ her airline and also makes efforts to sell cargo space.

  • Transportation Security Screening

    Transportation security workers basically ensure the safety and security of airline passengers by monitoring, inspecting the passengers and their bags as well as. Their responsibilities also include identifying and screening all the doubtful bags and getting hold of all the banned items from them. They also check the boarding passes and identification of the passengers.