Brief Overview of Aircraft Maintenance Engineering (AME) Course Streams?

Posted on : 28 January, 2024 5:17 pm

Aircraft Maintenance Engineering (AME) is a specialized field that focuses on the maintenance, repair, and inspection of aircraft. It plays a crucial role in ensuring the safety and airworthiness of airplanes. In many countries, AME is a regulated profession, and individuals must obtain a license to practice.

The AME course typically consists of theoretical and practical training, covering various aspects of aircraft systems, engines, structures, and avionics. The course content may vary by country and regulatory authority, but it generally includes the following categories:

AME Course Streams

  • AME Cat-A (Maintenance Certifying Mechanic)
    • AME Cat-A1 (Jet Engine & Aeroplan)
    • AME Cat-A2 (Piston Engine & Aeroplan)
    • AME Cat-A3 (Jet Engine & Helicopter)
    • AME Cat-A4 (Piston Engine & Helicopter)
  • AME Cat-B (Maintenance Certifying Technician)
    • AME Cat-B1 (Mechanical)
      • AME Cat-B1.1 (Jet Engine & Aeroplan)
      • AME Cat-B1.2 (Piston Engine & Aeroplan)
      • AME Cat-B1.3 (Jet Engine & Helicopter)
      • AME Cat-B1.4 (Piston Engine & Helicopter)
    • AME Cat-B2 (Avionics)
  • AME Cat-C (Base Maintenance Certifying Engineer)

Can an Indian AME work in USA

The process for an Indian Aircraft Maintenance Engineer (AME) to work in the USA involves meeting the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) requirements. This includes demonstrating equivalent qualifications, undergoing evaluations, and potentially undergoing additional training or examinations as necessary. It’s a regulated process to ensure that individuals meet the standards set by the FAA for aircraft maintenance professionals working in the United States.