Civil Aviation India’s Recovery Continuously Increases & Reached 46% capacity in Covid-19 Pandemic

Posted on : 19 October, 2020 5:14 pm

India is facing crises in various fields due to lockdown period which started from 23 March 2020 but aviation engineering career is safe in pandemic situation from beginning and end of lockdown. Indian Civil aviation play an important role during lockdown in Covid-19 Govt. used flights for various purpose:-  Medicine supply Chain, Mask and Sanitizer supply chain, 149 flights to bring back Indians from foreign countries in phase in Vande Bharat Mission  and other purpose are part of making aviation engineering career safe in corona crisis.


India’s flight recovery is proceeding with its upward trend, aircrafts recouping to 46% in September last year. August to September was a solid increase in domestic flights and capacity with airlines averaging 1,300 departures every day and adding back 13% of capacity. While the opportunities in aviation industry have a long way to go, it is showing huge and infinite progress despite the growing pandemic.

Future of Civil Aviation India

  • Ministry of Civil Aviation of India is ready for a big jump. Six more airports will be put up for auction on AAI PPP basis. Additional investment in 12 airports by private players that they are already holding, airports will be much better.
  • We are making India is a MRO hub (Maintenance Repair and Overhaul) as we know most of our aircrafts go aboard. Indian has excellent capacities, manpower, and resources, India can better treat aircraft than other countries like Southeast Asia, Australia and Westwards too. We are doing changing in Tax regime so it will be helpful to setting up MROs in India. Our Defense Aircrafts will also take benefits from this apart from civil aircrafts.
  • Space: Private sector also doing a great work in space field. Lot of individuals companies and organizations are developing technologies, but they can’t use ISRO (Indian Space Research Organization) facilities for even testing facilities. We’ll provide regulatory environment and policy to private Players; we want them to come with us as a co-traveler in success tour.

According to Ministry of Finance India is well-stalled to introduce new plans for aviation, before lockdown govt. investment making aviation sector great and after lockdown. We have many new private players so these changes will 100% boost engineering career in aviation.

Bright future in DRDO

DRDO play an important role to fight against the deadly corona virus pandemic, DRDO used its technologies to make 11 such products. Before lockdown DRDO announced its five new labs in Artificial Intelligence (Bengaluru); Quantum Technologies (IIT Mumbai); Cognitive Technologies (IIT Chennai); Asymmetric Technologies (Kolkata) and Smart Materials (Hyderabad) Ministry of Finance will increase the number of aviation product it will definitely increase the number of employees in DRDO.

What we can expect?

Hardeep Singh Puri (Minister of Civil Aviation India) estimates that India will reach its pre-COVID-19 levels between Diwali and New Year. Aviation industry will get traffic is expected in the next two months as India enters the popular festival season and winter holidays. We can see substantial gains in this time of period as it becomes clear that passengers are willing and excited to travel.