Do aerospace engineers get paid well

Do aerospace engineers get paid well?

Posted on : 4 February, 2022 4:16 pm

Aerospace is a word that every kid dreams of in their childhood. Many students in India as well as abroad is a desire to take off aerospace engineer but due to a lack of knowledge about this, they are not able to make their career as aerospace engineers. 

Students have a passion that will only carry them so far. In this field lot of real studies and years of experience goes into this line of work. It requires intelligence, hard work, and diligence in math/biology, physics, chemistry, and other related subjects.

So, in this blog, we are going to elaborate on the paid structure of aerospace engineering.  

Aerospace Engineering 

An aerospace engineer is a broad and advanced term. They develop new techniques for the use of aviation-related fields such as aircraft, defense systems, spacecraft, and many more. This engineering mainly focuses on the designing of both aircraft as well as spacecraft. Aircraft and spacecraft are used within the earth’s atmosphere and the outer surface of the earth’s atmosphere respectively.

Requirements For the Aerospace Engineers

For pursuing a career in aerospace engineering, candidates must have completed their 12th with the medical or non-medical stream. The first step is to get a bachelor’s degree as a in aerospace engineering. Bachelor’s degree is not enough to get paid well in this field. This field requires a lot of studies and real experience. 

The second step is to take the master’s degree in the same or if you want more knowledge about aerospace or within and the outer surface of the earth’s atmosphere then you should take a doctorate degree in the same. 

Bachelor’s degree takes 4 years and a master’s degree takes 2 years for giving you ample knowledge about aerospace. After successfully completing these 6 years you can get paid well in the aviation industry. 

How much do aerospace engineers get paid? 

Aerospace engineers earn nice annual salaries, and they have a fulfilling careers. The salary pancake of the aerospace engineer is different in India and as well as abroad also. The salary package depends upon many factors such as it will differ from country to country, job profile to job profile, and many more. 

India – The salary offered in this field completely depends on the experience. The average salary for an Aerospace Engineer is Rs. 6, 20,972 per year. However, the salary also depends on the level of academic qualification and experience.

Abroad – Aerospace Engineers working abroad are offered an average salary of $107,700 per year.