Good News for Aircraft Maintenance Engineers, MRO Hub for Avionics in Gurugram gets DGCA approval

Posted on : 3 January, 2018 4:31 am

Haveus Aerotech India Pvt Ltd, India’s most advanced and fastest growing Maintenance, repair and operations (MRO) service provider, has created India’s largest and the first DGCA approved Avionics MRO hub at its Gurugram facility which will soon have the capability to repair and overhaul over 3000 avionics components.

Aircraft made of thousand of parts which require regular maintenance and service. MRO (Maintenance Repair and overall) are the industry who are responsible for repair and maintenance of an aircraft and their parts and Aircraft Maintenance Engineers are the behind of this MRO industry. AME is the person who is the responsible for maintenance, repair and overhaul of these aircrafts and their parts.

At present, India is capable of do only 10% of his MRO works, rest 90% MRO works is doing in foreign. But at present time Indian Government is plans to be make MRO hub in India and resulting DGCA give approval of the first largest MRO hub in Gurugram which is designed to service and repair over 3000 types of avionics components of defense and civil aircraft.

This good news for Aircraft Maintenance Engineers and also for them who are going to make their career as AME in India. This MRO hubs is going to increase demand of Aircraft Maintenance Engineers. AMR is the backbone of MRO industry, because only AME are authorized to service and repair of these aircrafts and their parts.

Every year Indian aviation sector spends 5,000 Crore to international MRO industries, but in next few year we will be capable to do MRO of Indian aircrafts and as well as for international airlines. This MRO industry is going to be accelerating the demand of AMEs. As Govt of India survey India requires 72,000/- technical personals and AMEs in next year’s and as growth of MRO industry the diamond of AME will be very high.

In the end this good news for AMEs and who wants to make their career as AME. This is the perfect time to make career in Aviation Sector as AME. In this sector jobs are more than the candidates so the salaries and security of jobs are very good. And an AME also do job in aboard.