How can I get DGCA AME License?

How can I get DGCA AME License?

Posted on : 1 July, 2021 12:57 pm

DGCA is an Indian authority that issues an AME license to the aspirants. Furthermore, the candidates who are willing to get the license have to go through a procedure. So as to get the license, the candidates have to clear the modules of DGCA with respect to their stream.

The candidate, who is aspiring to take the AME DGCA license has to complete a procedure. However, the applicant has to clear certain modules by DGCA. There are a total of 17 modules. After the candidate gets the license issued, he/ she will be able to work in the Government as well as the Private sector in one of the most renowned organizations.

Why is an AME License Required?

It is important for a candidate to get an AME license to become an Aircraft Maintenance Engineer. Furthermore, this license is compulsory for one to maintain the aircraft, and ensure its safety and security.

What is the worth of an AME License?

The license of Aircraft Maintenance Engineering holds so much value. Before the take-off of the flight, an AME has to issue a certificate. Only after the approval of an AME can a flight take off. Furthermore, a licensed AME will have various career opportunities in India and abroad in both Government and Private sectors.