How can I get EASA AME License?

Posted on : 11 July, 2021 1:10 pm

To get an AME License, the applicants have to complete a whole procedure. Furthermore, so as to possess the AME EASA license, one has to make sure that he/ she is eligible enough. The aspirants should have an ample amount of knowledge on the basis of the syllabus in EASA Part 66.

Procedure to get AME EASA License

The candidates, who aspire to get the AME EASA license, must follow the below-mentioned procedure:-

  • The candidate has to be a minimum of 18 years old so as to possess the license. However, to certify it, one has to be a minimum of 21 years old.
  • The applicant has to take admission to the EASA approved AME institutes and have to qualify for the modules and training in the live environment to get the license. The training must be from the EASA approved organizations.
  • To get a license of EASA Part 66, the candidate must have basic knowledge and basic experience.
  • Also, the candidate can choose to take admission in the EASA Part 147 approved Basic Training Organization in Europe or around the world wherever they exist.
  • So as to get the license, the candidates have to go through the training that is of 2400 hours and is conducted in 23 to 30 minutes for Category B1/ B2.
  • Along with the theoretical and practical study, the applicants also have to go through the individual module exam for which he/ she gets a ‘Certificate of recognition.’
  • EASA also requires 2 years of experience in the air.
  • The maintenance tasks that are conducted in these 2 years are verified by the Certifying Staff of the MRO/ Airlines.
  • After that, the applicant has to submit his Certificate of Recognition (C or R) along with the verified logbook to any of the National Aviation Authority of the European Union member state for the validation & issuance of Part 66 Aircraft Maintenance License without type rating (LWTR).

What Disciplines are covered in the AME EASA License?

In the Aircraft Maintenance Engineering EASA License, there are all the disciplines covered. Furthermore, one can find the same below:-

  • A1 Fixed Wing
  • A2 Fixed Wing
  • A3 Rotary Wing
  • A4 Rotary Wing
  • B1.1 Fixed Wing
  • B1.2 Fixed Wing
  • B1.3 Rotary Wing
  • B1.4 Rotary Wing
  • B2 Avionic