India becomes world’s 3rd largest aviation market

Posted on : 17 July, 2021 4:32 pm

India has overtaken Japan to become the third-largest aviation market in terms of domestic passengers. In 2016, 100 million people traveled by air transport. The largest report by the Sydney-based aviation research group center for the Asia Pacific Aviation (CAPA) states that India’s domestic aviation passenger number stood at 100 million in 2016. In this case, America stands first place with 719 million passengers and China stands second with 436 million passengers. 

CAPA said that India has left Japan behind in this matter. In the year 2016, the number of domestic passengers there was 97 million or 9.7 crore. The number of domestic passengers shows a steady growth of 20-25 percent in 2015 and 2016 and reached the level of 25.13 percent January in this year. The growth of domestic travel demand stood at 16% in February this year, breaking a long trail of 20% growth.  

In the year 2016, the total air passenger of Japan stood at 141 million (14.1 crores). However, in India this number was 131 million (13.1 crores). Similarly, the number of air passengers in America was 815 million (81.5 crores). And of China, it was 49 million (49 crores).