Indias air traffic doubles to 117 million passengers in 6 years creates incredible demand of Aircraft Maintenance Engineers

India’s Air Traffic Doubles to 117 million Passengers in 6 years Creates incredible Demand of Aircraft Maintenance Engineers

Posted on : 2 February, 2018 8:06 am

India’s domestic air traffic grows approx 200% in last 6 years to 117 million passengers. In 2017 there was take off 67 flights in one hour but at present it’s number is more than 100 per hour, data released by aviation regulator Directorate General of Civil Aviation (DGCA) on Tuesday showed.

Indian airlines flew 117.18 million passengers in 2017 compared with 59.87 million in 2011. They also registered an 18% growth over the 99.88 million passengers who flew in 2016.

Going forward, this 200% growth is incredible and there is no other industry is near. And in aviation industry saturation we are still in bottom and we have huge scopes to growth. In US and China there are 2% peoples are flying in a year but in India it is only 0.04%. So to be equal to US we need 40 times growth at present.

In growth requires unlimited technical personals to handle this 200% growth in Indian Aviaiton industry, the scopes are in Aircraft Maintenance Engineer, Pilots and crew members. In a report Govt India shows that that in next few years there is demand of approx 72,000 Aircraft Maintenance Engineers (AME) and technicians.

Data showed airlines like Air India, InterGlobe Aviation Pvt. Ltd-run IndiGo, SpiceJet Ltd, Jet Airways (India) Ltd and GoAir were able to fly fuller flights in 2017—flights were 86.1% full in 2017, compared with 75.5% in 2011.

Jet Airways group had the highest market share at about 27% in 2011, IndiGo was at about 17%, followed by Air India at 15%, Kingfisher Airlines at 14% and SpiceJet and GoAir had about 6% each.

In 2017, IndiGo had about 39.6% market share, Jet Airways group had 17.8%, Air India 13.3%, SpiceJet 13.2%, GoAir 8.5% and Vistara and AirAsia 3.5% and 3.7%, respectively.

This double growth shows golden career future in aviation industry. It’s the perfect time to make career in aviation industry as AME.