India's Airplane fleet is projected to quadruple to about 2500 airplanes by 2038

.Boeing has said that new aircraft will be needed to meet the service requirements of the domestic network and new airports, which will account for 87% of all the new aircraft. According to the CMO, many new aircraft will replace very old aircraft and help operators expand their network. 

The forecast is part of Boeing’s annual India Commercial Market Outlook (CMO). which was released in New Delhi. While many new airplanes will replace aging aircraft, most operators will help grow their networks as India’s airplane fleet size is projected to quadruple from around 2,500 airplanes by 2038.

Operators are expected to spend $440 billion on maintenance and engineering. Also, they are expected to spend the same on the aviation services to operate and maintain the expanding fleet.

How will the students get the benefit from this?

Indian Airplane fleet is projected to quadruple to about 2604 airplanes by 2038. It means that India has a total of 651 airplanes at present furthermore, it will be 4 times i.e. 2604 by 2038. This market is the fastest growing in the world. There is tremendous potential for even more growth as India’s middle class expands and more consumers can take off.