Job responsibility and Life style of an Aircraft Maintenance Engineer (AME)

Posted on : 22 December, 2017 12:34 pm

Aircraft Maintenance Engineer is responsible for safety security and maintenance of an aircraft or flying machine.  This is high dignity and responsibility job that why it is one of the highly salaried job in aviation industry. No aircraft can take off without approval of an AME. This is very excited and innovative jobs in India.

Safety is very important factor, when it comes to aircraft. An aircraft is made of thousands of latest technologies and numerous parts, engines, electrical and electronic systems etc. With time and use, parts tend to wear and tear down, thus regular inspection and maintenance of aircraft have become very necessary. Aircraft Maintenance Engineers are specially trained to inspect an aircraft, diagnose problems, report the problems found and finally solve them.

When an aircraft lands to any airport, AME inspects all the parts of aircraft and if all is fine than releases a Flight Release Certificate (FRC) to next takeoff, this is the mandatory to takeoff an aircraft and if AME founds any issue then that aircraft will go to the workstation there technician and AME will resolve the issue and after that AME will issues a FRC to that aircraft.  This is the regular process before each flight takes off.

Aircraft Maintenance Engineer is backbone of Aviaiton industry, that why is highly paid jobs in India. Acceding pay scale AME’s average salary is 7-8 Laces per annum in India. There is huge demand of Indian AME in Gulf countries and in aboard AME’s salary is very high 3-5 Laces per month after experience.

AME are highly facilitated jobs, they and their family provides free travels in airlines. And there is huge chance to go abroad on high salary. AME can do job in Govt and Private sector globally.

India is the fastest growing aviation market in the world with average 25% growth. We are the 3rd largest aviation market in the world after US and China and going to be the largest by 2030. India has approx 400 commercial aircraft and already placed ordered 1080 aircrafts which is going to deliver in next year’s. So there are huge demand of maintenance services and Aircraft Maintenance Engineers.

Aircraft Maintenance Engineer is 3 years license program regulated by DGCA, Govt of India. After getting AME license one can do job in Govt and Private aviation sector globally.


Aircraft Maintenance Engineering Common Entrance Test (AME CET) is the national level common entrance exam for admission in Aircraft Maintenance Engineering (AME) in Govt. approved AME institutions in India. On the basis of AME CET 2022 All India Rank student can get admission in best AME institute according his capability. To apply online visit or for any query you may call AME CET Help Desk 8800663006