Know all about the life of a Pilot

Posted on : 16 February, 2021 5:40 pm

There are two types of pilots, Commercial pilot license (CPL) Private pilot license (PPL) is a great career after 12th with PCM. The life of a pilot is luxurious in a high-paid job worldwide. Commercial Pilot License (CPL) is a popular course in the aviation industry that allows students to secure a license in commercial flight. They perform flying work in single and multi-engine aircraft and fly aircraft as a co-pilot in aircraft. CPL is all about operating the aircraft in the air. After the completion of the course, the students can apply for a job in government and private airlines.

As we know that India is becoming the third-largest aviation in the world and soon, became first with numerous aircraft and helicopters. Indian Aviation Industry is showing excellent growth frequently. Airlines are the companies that provide air transport for passengers. Commercial Pilot License (CPL) holders are hired by airlines to fly aircraft.

Commercial License holder’s salaries vary from company to company. The salary of the Commercial Pilot License is tentatively INR 24-60 lakhs per annum depending on the skills. There are the following facilities that are provided to a pilot apart from the salary:

  • Commercial License Holder works 1000 hours in a year
  • Free pick up from home and free drop
  • Free food
  • Free stay in 5-star hotels.
  • Buying things in a duty-free shop.
  • Free tickets to travel any place in the world
  • Prestige in society- at least in India
  • And many more.

Commercial Pilot License holders work as commercial pilots in airlines with a high salary package of around 24 Lakhs to 60 Lakhs per annum. The salary of Commercial Pilots varies from company to company. There are various job benefits as a pilot some benefit that are given below:-

  • Travel Opportunities
  • Free pick up from home and free drop, free food
  • Free stay in 5-star hotels
  • Buying things in a duty-free shop
  • Free tickets to travel any place in the world
  • The pilot can work 40 hours a week
  • And many moreā€¦

Job scope in the aviation sector is touching new heights. After the completion of the pilot course, the candidates will be able to apply for various jobs. Several Airlines hire license holders in the field of the pilot. The candidate will be able to get admission to the pilot course through the AME CET entrance exam. It provides admission to various types of aviation courses in PAN India colleges. For any type of doubts related to the course or entrance exam, one should go through the or contact on the AME CET helpdesk number 8800663006.