So, from 500 Planes in the Sky, We will have to go to about 2000 Planes: Jayant Sinha

Posted on : 20 December, 2017 6:53 am

 India is the fastest growing aviation market in the world with average 25% growth in domestic air traffic. To handle this air traffic Indian Aviaiton industry requires huge number of aircrafts, airports and technical trained personals.

Union Minister of State for Civil Aviation Jayant Sinha announced that to handle this growth we have to go to 2000 aircrafts and hundreds of new airports to connect small town. And to achieve this India and airlines already has place order of 1080 aircrafts and government is reviving 50 old airports and developing 50 new airports.

This the high time in Indian aviation sector because Indian government already show interest to make India as largest aviation market in the world through “Make in India” and “Uddan” scheme.

These thousands of aircraft require regular services and maintenance so it also increases the demand of technical trained professionals. Aircraft Maintenance Engineer (AME) has an important role to provide safety, security and maintenance for an aircraft.

At present time we are doing only 10% MRO task in India and for rest 90% we are depend of aboard. India has potential to become MRO hub and for that Indian government is working to make India as MRO hub. MRO industries also create new jobs for AMEs in India.

India is the third largest aviation market in the world and will be largest by 2030. For this Indian Aviation industry requires hundreds of airports, thousands of Aircrafts and lacs of trained technical professional (AME) in next years.

So there are good scops to create your career in aviation industry as AME, Pilot, Crew member, Air Traffic Controller (ATC) etc.