Start Your Career In Aerospace Engineering

Start Your A Career In Aerospace Engineering

Posted on : 16 February, 2021 4:17 pm

Aerospace Engineering is the primary phase of Aviation Engineering with the development of Aircraft and spacecraft. This course is a combination of Aeronautics and Astronautics. Each has a list of the core focus areas one can perform research or work in. Aerospace Engineering is the branch of engineering that deals with the designing, testing, manufacturing, and constructing the aircraft, spacecraft, rockets, satellite, space shuttles, etc. It is important to research because of its lack of publicity.


Courses In Aerospace Engineering : 

1.Engineering Category:

  • Aerospace Engineering approved by AICTE.


2. Diploma Category:

  • Aerospace Engineering approved by AICTE 


Detailed information on the above courses have been written below:-

  • Aerospace Engineering

    Aerospace engineering is a 4-year course. This course has been approved by the All India Council for Technical Education (AICTE). In this course, 8 semesters are included meaning that in every year 2 semesters are included which allow students to grab the theoretical and as well as practical knowledge of the aircraft, space-shuttles, missiles and many more.


Eligibility For Aerospace Engineering:

    • The candidates must have qualified for their 12th board examination with Physics, Chemistry and Mathematics (PCM).
    • Students must have secured a minimum of 50% in 12th board examination.
    • The candidates must have excellent mathematics and observation skills.
    • Candidates should not have any physical ability. 
  • The applicants should qualify for the AME CET examination to take admission in top institutes in India.

  • Aerospace Engineering:-

    Diploma in Aerospace Engineering is a 3-year course and it is also approved by the All India Council For Technical Education (AICTE). This course gathers specific knowledge and deep study about design, manufacturing, service, and testing of spacecraft and aircraft.


Eligibility For Aerospace Engineering:

  • Students must pass the 10th examination with a recognised board.
  • Candidates must score 45% in 10th examination.
  • The candidates do not have any physical ability.
  • Students should pass the AME CET examination for admission in top institutes in India.


Career In Aerospace Engineering:- 

Aerospace engineering plays a very vital role in the aviation sector. Some of the job profiles are given below to understand the value of aerospace engineering courses:-

  • Aerospace Engineer
  • Design Engineer
  • Higher Education lecturer
  • Maintenance Engineer
  • Manufacturing System Engineer and many more.


Admission Process:- 

If the candidate is interested in Aviation courses, then he/ she should immediately go to the and fill the application form.


For the admission in one Top AME colleges in India, here is the procedure that a candidate can follow:

  • The candidates can first fulfil the eligibility criteria for the AME course.
  • Students should qualify for the AME CET 2022 exam to get admission in one of the top aviation colleges with scholarship

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