Know About 3 Different Types of Aviation

What are the 3 Types Of Aviation

Posted on : 29 January, 2022 3:10 pm

Read about the three different types of the aviation sector in which you can make your career. There are many departments in the airline industry. Here we are going to give you detailed information about the types of aviation. 

What is Aviation?

Aviation is an industry that deals with different types of aircraft, like airplanes, helicopters, etc. The aviation industry refers to the designing, development, production, operation, and use of aircraft. It holds all the activities related to the aircraft. It is one of the booming industries in India. There are many sub-fields in the aviation industry.

Importance of the Aviation Industry?

The aviation industry plays a very important role in our Indian economy. This industry produces a huge amount of employment for the freshers and experienced candidates. It is a major source of connecting many countries, continents, and cultures with each other. It is one of the most effective and efficient ways through which people can travel to distant places.

Types of Aviation

There are a few different sectors of aviation, with three being the main pillars that uphold the aviation industry as a whole: commercial, general, and military aviation.

  • Commercial Aviation:- 

Commercial aviation involves money or funds in it. This sector involves the export & import of things from one place to another. Commercial aviation is included Cargo freight for export and import. If anybody flying personally without hiring pilots or renting an aircraft, it is considered general aviation. 

For the commercial pilot, you have to clear all the modules and take care of the safety and security of the passengers. All airlines are in commercial aviation like IndiGo, Air India, SpiceJet, Go First, AirAsia India, Vistara, Alliance Air, TruJet, and many more. 

  • General Aviation:-

General Aviation is the aviation where all the non-schedules airlines are not operated by the commercial airlines or military. For general aviation, you get the PPL (Private Pilot License) and the safety standards aren’t as quite as high as those for commercial pilots.

Examples of general aviation flights include:
  • Emergency medical evacuations
  • Transporting medical goods or humanitarian aid
  • Airborne law enforcement
  • Fighting forest fires
  • Spraying crops for agriculture purposes
  • Business or pleasure flights
  •  Military Aviation:- 

Military aviation is related to the army/military. An army aviation unit is an aircraft related to the unit of a country’s military, often described as an air corps.  A nation’s dedicated air force usually sets up these units, and typically include helicopters and light support fixed-wing aircraft. 

Some examples of operations that military aviation is used for:

  • Aerial combat
  • Cargo transportation
  • Reconnaissance missions (intel gathering)
  • Training military pilots and other personnel