What is the difference between AME DGCA license and AME EASA license?

What is the difference between AME DGCA license and AME EASA license?

Posted on : 2 July, 2021 2:25 pm

If a candidate wishes to become an AME, then he/she has to get a license issued. There are two types of licenses of Aircraft Manufacturing Engineering, issued by the EASA and the DGCA. Furthermore, the issuing of the license depends on the tendency and the financial situation. However, both of the AME courses are acceptable to the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO).

Talking about the licenses, the EASA license is accepted in the European Union and other major parts of the world. The license of EASA is accepted in the countries with which the EU holds a bilateral contract for the acceptance of the Certifying Staff for the maintenance of the aircraft. Furthermore, the Indian Government does not hold any bilateral agreement with the EU regarding the aircraft Maintenance Certifying Staff, leading to which, one possessing the EASA Part 66 license cannot work in the Indian Aviation Industry, and vice versa.

The training of EASA is much better than DGCA. The training organizations of EASA are very few in the whole world. However, leading to this, the fees of the training for EASA Part 66 is very costly. It is very reputed and is accepted worldwide.

The value of a license issued by DGCA is equal to any other AME license that is issued by the National Aviation Authority. There are a total of Part 147 DGCA approved organizations existing in abundance. However, there are only 2 EASA Part 147 approved organizations in India.