What is the difference between Aviation Industry and Hospitality Management?

Posted on : 22 July, 2021 3:16 pm

Both of the courses are really amazing at their own places. In the aviation sector, one has to assure the specific functions and the well-being of the aircraft. Not only this, but many other roles will include repairing the equipment or operating the industrial machinery.

On the other hand, Hospitality Management deals with the day-to-day activities, operational and commercial activities of the business.

Now, if we talk about both of the fields together, then the aviation industry has more scope for one. For, in this field, the candidates will not only get the exposure worldwide as this field deals in transportation worldwide.

Scope in Aviation and Hospitality Industry:-

Talking about the future scopes of both of the industries, one can see the following topics as an explanation for the same:-

  • The aviation industry is one of the growing industries. And, in the future, it will prove to be the brightest of all. Furthermore, this industry is expected to produce up to 90, 000 jobs in the upcoming 20 years.
  • This industry is expected to bring up to 2380 new aircraft in the next 20 years.
  • Along with this, in the upcoming 10-15 years, the number of new airports will increase to increase employment in huge numbers.

Additionally, one can also see Hospitality Management as a part of the aviation industry. For there are some jobs that are in this field like the Cabin Crew, Air Hostess and much more. So, the candidates who are looking forward to pursuing their careers in hospitality and looking for amazing scopes in the future can pursue the course of Hospitality Management in the Aviation sector.