What is the future for AME students in India?

Posted on : 19 July, 2021 11:18 am

AME is one of the booming industries in India. Furthermore, the demand for AMEs is increasing day today. The candidates who are looking forward to building their careers in the aviation industry can choose the field of AME. Now, let us learn about the future of Aircraft Maintenance Engineering in India.

The Aircraft Maintenance Engineers are responsible for maintaining the aircraft, troubleshooting its problems, and much more. Furthermore, this field promises a brilliant career for the aspirants. One, who longs to pursue their career in this industry can go for it without any hesitation. For, AME Course holds great respect and lifestyle for one.

A new aircraft needs a minimum of 100 AMEs. Continuing this further, according to the latest news, India shall be ordering a minimum of 431100 commercial aircraft in the upcoming years. This means that the requirement of the new AMEs will increase in the coming time.

David Schulte, the Managing Director of Regional Marketing of Boeing Commercial Airplanes said, “Many more Indians will travel by airplane for leisure and business as the incomes will rise tied to industrialization and an economic growth rate in South Asia that leads all the emerging markets.” He further said, “With greater demand for domestic, regional, and long haul travel, we anticipate India’s commercial fleet will grow fourfold by 2039.” This statement proves that India shall be needing new airports, thus aircrafts soon leading to the rise in the demand for the new AMEs.