What is the profile of an Aeronautical Engineering?

What is the profile of an Aeronautical Engineering?

Posted on : 24 June, 2021 5:14 pm

An Aeronautical Engineer is responsible for designing and testing products for airplanes, spacecraft, satellites, etc. Their responsibilities include checking proposals, developing criteria for design methods, etc. The field of Aeronautical Engineering is one of the high-paying fields. After the candidate pursues the respective course, then he/ she will be able to get a great job along with a really good salary. Furthermore, to get more Aeronautical Engineering Details, read the complete article below.

Responsibilities of an Aeronautical Engineer

An Aeronautical Engineer has many responsibilities. Furthermore after one gets a job in Aeronautical Engineering in India, he/ she will be handled with the following duties:-

  • Provide direction and coordination to the designing, manufacturing, and testing of an aircraft.
  • Evaluate the proposal for a project if they are technically and financially feasible.
  • Assess if the outcome of the project meets the goals that are defined earlier.
  • Evaluate design to look that the products meet the engineering principles, environmental regulations, and customer requirements.
  • Build the acceptance criteria for quality standard, design method, sustainment after delivery of project, and completion dates.
  • Ensure that projects reach the quality standard as defined in the proposal.
  • If there is any damage to the product, identify the sources of problems and possible solutions for that.

Aeronautical Engineering Salary

The salary in Aeronautical Engineering is based on the organization and the skill set. The average salary of an Aeronautical Engineering is around Rs 667, 023/- per annum.