What is the salary scope of an AME?

Posted on : 22 July, 2021 5:54 pm

The salary in the field of AME is very high. This course is related to the maintenance and the repair of the aircraft. After the candidate completes AME Course, he/ she will be able to get jobs in renowned organizations. It is a 4-year course that entails 2 years of academic training and 2 years of training in the flying environment. Furthermore, the AME colleges in India are DGCA, Ministry of Civil Aviation, Government of India approved.

AME Job Salary

The salary of the Aircraft Maintenance Engineers is really good. The stipend is also rich. However, the salary of the candidate varies from organization to organization. The stipend of the AMEs range from 15000 to 25000 per month. After the candidates get the license, they will be able to get a salary of approximately 40 lakhs per annum. Furthermore, this field not only holds a great salary but also respect.

Job Opportunities in AME

There are various job opportunities in the field of Aircraft Maintenance Engineering. The candidates will be able to make their careers in the following areas if they pursue the course of AME:-

  • National/ International Carriers

They provide transportation to the passengers. Furthermore, no aircraft can take off without the approval of an AME.

  • Airports

The responsibility, here, of an AME, is to ensure the safety and the security of the aircraft.

  • MRO

They are trained to perform the actions on engines, aircraft frames, etc.