Why Study BBA in Aviation? Exploring Future Opportunities After Graduation

Posted on : 19 January, 2024 5:51 pm

In today’s generation, time is the most valuable thing and the aviation industry plays a huge part in saving time by providing fast transportation.

BBA Aviation is related to the basics of business communication, operations, economics, security, etc. The course covers all important aspects like airports, business, and airlines. It is a three-year undergraduate course in aviation. After the completion of the course, the students can work on air transport, financial accounting, airport operations, passenger forecasting, airport planning, marketing, etc.

Why Study BBA in Aviation?

The aviation industry is growing immensely, thus opening up various exciting opportunities for BBA Aviation graduates.

Here are some of the exciting points to know why studying BBA Aviation can be useful:

  • BBA Aviation is an underlying driver for tourism and thus it significantly contributes to the economy of our country.
  • Thinking about aviation, people usually think about becoming a pilot or a flight attendant. But there’s more to aviation, and BBA aviation precisely teaches about managing this particular industry.
  • The students are equipped with skills that are required to manage the proper functioning in the airport and also the airlines.
  • Along with managing, the aviation industry also requires branding. Since convincing people to buy costly services is a challenge. Therefore BBA and MBA students are highly required.
  • The BBA Aviation graduates are open to various exciting job opportunities like credit control manager, airport manager, program manager, assistant airport manager, airport operations manager, etc.
  • The course also provides them opportunities for getting jobs in fields other than the aviation industry like product-based companies, advertising companies, marketing companies, logistics, etc.
  • Candidates are recruited by top and reputed Airline companies like Air India, India Jet Airways, Alliance Air, Air Costa, Air Heritage. These companies offer an average salary of INR 4 to 8 lakhs per annum
  • The graduates also become eligible to go for higher professional studies like MBA.

What’s the Future After BBA in Aviation?

India is a developing country and it is using their hand in every sector. These days aviation in India has become talk of the town as in the aviation sector they have opened their wings and flying really very high by setting new records. The immense growth became eye catching factor for the youth to join courses in aviation.

The BBA in aviation students can have various job profiles which are as:-

  • Deals and Advertising Companies
  • Instructive Institutes
  • Flight Schools
  • Aircraft/Airports
  • Aircraft Insurance Companies
  • Recuperation and Credit Manager
  • Credit Control Manager
  • Branch Manager
  • Test Manager
  • Instructor and Lecturer
  • Avionics Industry Manager
  • Partner Manager
  • Carrier Contracting Manager.
  • Partner Airport Manager
  • Air terminal Operations Manager
  • Program Manager
  • And many more…

Top National Recruiting Airlines:

  • GoAir
  • AirAsia India
  • Vistara
  • Alliance Air
  • Air India
  • Jet Airways
  • indigo
  • SpiceJet
  • Luwang Air
  • Air Deccan
  • Blue Dart Aviation
  • Pinnacle Air
  • Spirit Air
  • Supreme Airlines
  • TajAir
  • Titan Aviation
  • Ventura Air Connect
  • And many more…

Jobs after BBA Aviation

From working on the ground to making big decisions, there are many so may job to pick from. Your journey in the world of flying and airports is just starting. Get ready, it’s time to soar!

Here are some notable ones:

  • Airport Manager: Oversees the operations of an airport, ensuring smooth day-to-day functioning.
  • Air Traffic Controller: Manages aircraft movement on the ground and in the air, ensuring safe takeoffs, landings, and in-flight navigation.
  • Airline Manager: Supervises the operations of an airline, focusing on aspects like scheduling, staff management, and customer service.
  • Cargo Manager: Handles the transportation of goods via air, ensuring timely and safe deliveries.
  • Ground Staff Supervisor: Manages the teams responsible for passenger check-in, boarding, and baggage handling.
  • Flight Dispatcher: Plans flight paths, considers weather conditions, and ensures that aircraft meet safety regulations.
  • Aviation Consultant: Provides expert advice to aviation companies on various aspects like growth strategies, operations, and compliance.
  • Safety Manager: Ensures all safety protocols are followed in airport operations and during flights.
  • Customer Service Executive: Addresses passenger concerns, manages bookings, and ensures a smooth travel experience.
  • Sales and Marketing Executive: Promotes airline services, designs marketing campaigns, and works on enhancing airline revenue.
  • Airline Ticketing Agent: Responsible for issuing and managing tickets for passengers.
  • Public Relations Officer: Handles the airline’s or airport’s image, media interactions, and public announcements.
  • Ramp Manager: Manages the operations on the tarmac, ensuring timely servicing of aircraft and coordination between ground vehicles and aircraft.

completing a BBA in Aviation offers a range of exciting career opportunities within the aviation industry. Graduates can explore roles in airport and airline management, marketing, safety, logistics, and more. With the right qualifications and a passion for aviation, BBA graduates have the potential to soar in this dynamic and ever-evolving industry.